Libarle Vineyards | Cotati,CA | Vineyard

Libarle Vineyards is a family owned and operated vineyard near Santa Rosa, CA. We have worked this land for four generations so it is not just our business, it is our ancestral home. There is something special about wine that comes from a legacy like this.

Our family is involved in every step of the operation, from start to finish, and it is all done on the land that we have worked now for years. We not only specialize in Pinot Noir; that is all that we produce. All of our care and attention is focused on producing just 300 cases per year of the best Pinot Noir that we possibly can.

It all starts with using locally grown grapes. We produce a craft wine, with only the grapes that are produced on our own land rather than some larger producers that will buy up grapes from elsewhere. Therefore, the production run is small, averaging around 300 cases each year.

We take extra time in aging the wine in French oak barrels for 1½ years, plus another 6 months in the bottle. All of this care shows up in the smoothness, full round body, and silky finish of our wine.

But you do not have to take our word for it. Visit Libarle Vineyards near Santa Rosa, CA, and take a wine tour for yourself. You will see the love and care that is put into what we create here. Afterward, you can purchase your own wine to take with you or have it packaged and delivered. We look forward to welcoming you to our home.

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