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Libarle Vineyards specializes in small run production of Pinot Noir wine near Santa Rosa, CA. For four generations, we have been working the land here, planting nothing but Pinot Noir wine grapes. With a specialization like that, you can really taste the difference.

Pinot Noir wine is the red wine traditionally produced in the Burgundy region of France. Now, however, it is produced in wine growing regions throughout the world including New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Germany, Oregon and, of course, California.

This is considered one of the more difficult grapes to cultivate and to produce into wine. However, the results when done properly are so outstanding that it is worth the effort. With four generations of focusing on this variety alone, we can count on some pretty spectacular results.

Our wine is the result of using three different clones of the Pinot Noir grape: two Dijon clones and one Pommard clone. The Dijon grapes lend the wine its body, color, and structure. The Pommard balances it out with its fruity quality. The fruit is cold soaked to extract its colors and aromas and then fermented. After the fermenting stage, it is aged in French oak barrels for one and a-half years, after which it spends another six months aging in the bottle.

The result of this fine-tuned process is a complex, smooth and extremely delicious wine. It features lots of cherry as well as earthy aromas, along with a full round body and a silky finish. Tannins in a Pinot Noir tend to be lower than some other reds, making it a good choice for people who feel that they do not do well with tannins.

With around 300 cases produced per year, this is a real craft wine, and one that we hope you will give a try. Travel to our winery, take a tour, and bring home some bottles with you. We sell only directly to consumers but we are happy to ship your purchases to you.

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